About Us

Located along the fame Gurney Drive seafront, you will be greeted with an amazing range of fresh live seafood aquarium tanks including lobsters, crabs and many many more. Our tag line, "If It Swims We Have It" is your ultimate seafood experience. You have the choice of picking your seafood live from the tanks and this is by far the best way to prepare seafood while preserving its original freshness, flavour and taste. With our panel of experienced and well trained chefs you can observe the preparation of your selected seafood from the huge transparent glass separating the diners and the neat and well equipped kitchen. From fresh Alaskan Spider Crab to our top of the range live Australian Lobster cooked to your desire will definitely open up to a whole new experience of fresh seafood cuisine.

Bali Hai can easily accommodate more than 500 diners at any one time with ample free parking minus the hassle of accessibility as it is located along the renowned seafront of Penang Gurney Drive. We specialise in fresh and live seafood including an assorted range of imported seafood such as :-

- Alaskan Spider Crab
- Emperor Crab
- Snow Crab
- Australian Lobster
- Fishes
- Rainbow Lobester
- Pearl Lobster
- Giant Mantis Prawn
- Geoduck
- Eels